Flourish in the delicate embrace of modernity and grandeur

A heightened sense of cosiness and elegance envelops you every time you step into your finely furnished home. Natural light fills your apartment, illuminating it from wall to wall to create an open and spacious ambience. The stylish abode is a projection of your penchant for the finer things in life. This is encapsulated in the quality, luxurious finishes, and the marble flooring in the master bathroom, and living and dining areas that add touches of understated class.

Fashion meets function in the integrated storage spaces for every unit. Wardrobes feature smart compartmentalised storage for easier organising, in addition to spacious shelves that can accommodate any substantially sized items. Overhead storage space is a creative and innovative way to keep any large belongings – a feature that is newly conceptualised and unique to Margaret Ville.

Feast your eyes on sleek living spaces that monumentally enhance your quality of life through cutting-edge devices and innovative design. The kitchen is thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed to fulfil your culinary desires. Top-of-the-range appliances from the likes of award-winning brands such as Miele and Fisher & Paykel take your home to whole new levels of culinary superiority. All kitchens come fully equipped with a top-grade hob, oven, refrigerator, and washer cum dryer, while bathrooms are embellished with exceptional furnishings by Hansgrohe and Laufen.

The pinnacle of
sophisticated living in
your Smart Home

Technology plays an instrumental role in nurturing a safe and comfortable environment at Margaret Ville. With Smart Home features, you can rest assured that a reliable security system has been implemented to the fullest degree. Customisation of scalable solutions make every living space one-of-a-kind and incredibly versatile, giving you the unsurpassed flexibility of transforming your home to suit any mood or occasion with the touch of a button.

On-the-go facility booking

Book facilities anytime, anywhere at a click of a button. With the intelligent network, you can plan, schedule or even check on the availability of facilities in real time.

Automated home air conditioning

Your home will be equipped with wireless air-con IR controller where you can use the smart phone APP anywhere with internet connection to switch On/Off your living room and master bedroom air-conditioners to your preferred temperature. The current room temperature will be shown on the smart phone APP as well as your iPad APP.

Biometric door lock system and remote access

The unit main door is installed with a biometric digital door lock that gives the residents the convenience of returning to their units via their enrolled fingerprint, PIN code or smart phone APP anywhere with internet connection.

Real-time video surveillance

Your home is equipped with home surveillance camera in the living room where you are able to view live and playback surveillance footages anywhere with internet connection.

Access visitor call panels with a mobile app

A call from a visitor at the designated secured lift lobby via audio video intercom system will be diverted to the smart phone intercom APP. You will be able to communicate and unlock the lift lobby door for your visitor at just a simple touch on your smart phone.

A panoramic view that emanates
beauty beyond compare

A city skyline towers over a serene spread of nature to welcome you every time you come home to your lavish abode. Take in an unforgettable vista with unhindered views of the never-ending horizon and the mesmerisingly lush Bukit Timah Hill. The 40-storey tower flaunts an understated form, accentuated by a rhythmic series of horizontal champagne gold fins that contrast elegantly against the timeless greys and neutral shades of the elegant architectural splendour.


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